Deep in the Old Growth Forest

Deep in the Old Growth Forest
Scott T. Starbuck

sunlight through cascading pools
says getting mad at politicians
who sell their souls
for women or money
is like getting mad
at an insane dog
who bites your hand
or a big tree
the wind pushes over.

Deep in the Old Growth Forest – Scott Starbuck

Scott T. Starbuck’s newest chapbook, The Other History, Unreported and Underreported Issues, Scenes, and Events of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries, is forthcoming in Fall 2013 from FutureCycle Press in Georgia. He has a humorous/subversive teaching poem at Work Literary Magazine, and an anti-nuclear clay-poem “Napali” which appeared in the Oregon chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Particles on the Wall Exhibit (May and June 2013) about the “lasting impacts of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the nuclear age.” Starbuck has had two other poems at OccuPoetry: “Listening to a Banker Talk About Losing [Only] Two Billion Dollars as Schools Are Closed”  and “San Diego Swap Meet.”

He was a 2013 Artsmith Fellow on Orcas Island.

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