San Diego Swap Meet

San Diego Swap Meet
by Scott T. Starbuck

All Elvis on one table,
antique fishing reels on another,
blazing turquoise,
brass buckles,
old-time photos,
but it is the people
who interest me,
trying to make a few dollars
sitting all day
in a Sports Arena lot,
petting small dogs,
eternally ready for conversation
about anything
so unlike bankers
I heard testify
before Congress.

San Diego Swap Meet – Scott Starbuck

Scott T. Starbuck works as a Creative Writing Coordinator at San Diego Mesa College with recent Occupy-themed poems at Scythe, cur*ren*cy, Pemmican, Niche Magazine, Blue Lotus Review, RUNE at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Orange Room Review. Cream City Review’s theme issue, ‘Dispatches from the Front: Labor and the Fight For Worker’s Rights’ will publish his poem “The Dream of Greece, Wisconsin, and One-armed Trees.”

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