Space and Fences

Space and Fences
David Kerr

When volcanoes spew
sulphur, meteorites lace
the earth with holes,
and oceans begin to bubble,
will the lawyers care
that a fence bestows
proprietary rights
that soar to outer space?

Space and Fences – David Kerr

David Kerr, has lived most of his life in Africa (working at Universities in Malawi, Zambia, and, at present, Botswana).  He is a practitioner of theatre and media for transformation and human rights, about which he has written widely, including a prize-winning book, African Popular Theatre.  His collection of verse, Tangled Tongues, was published by Flambard Press ( in 2003.  His novel, Passages (written under the pseudonym Derrick Zgambo) was reissued in 2008 by Brown Turtle Press (, USA.

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