Listening to a Banker Talk About Losing [Only] Two Billion Dollars as Schools Are Closed

Listening to a Banker Talk About Losing [Only] Two Billion Dollars as Schools Are Closed
by Scott T. Starbuck

“Yes, JPMorgan Chase lost $2 billion in late April-early May trading. But last year, this bank earned $17.45
billion.” – Rich Smith, The Motley Fool, posted at Daily Finance on 5/16/12

It was a fish with the head of a lion
or maybe it was a goat’s head
or maybe it was the head of a rhinoceros.
It’s hard to say.
But it had fins, I’m sure of that.
So on Tuesday it was a fish.
By Wednesday, maybe it wasn’t a fish.
These fish are like that.
Maybe by then, it only looked like a fish.
Like maybe, I only look like a banker.
Maybe I’m something else entirely.

Listening – Scott Starbuck

Scott T. Starbuck works as a Creative Writing Coordinator at San Diego Mesa College with recent Occupy-themed poems at Scythe, cur*ren*cy, Pemmican, Niche Magazine, Blue Lotus Review, RUNE at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Orange Room Review. Cream City Review’s theme issue, ‘Dispatches from the Front: Labor and the Fight For Worker’s Rights’ will publish his poem “The Dream of Greece, Wisconsin, and One-armed Trees.”

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