Issue 4

We are happy to release Issue 4 of OccuPoetry. The 2014 issue is packed with thirty three voices in search of alternatives through art.

Poems in Issue 4 explore our present — from Trayvon Martin to Predator drones to surveillance, whether it is the NSA or Facebook who is surveilling. They explore our past, from May Day, 1914 to May 19, 2012. They explore our future and what possibilities it contains. And as always, they interrogate just who we talk about when we talk about “our present,” “our past,” and “our future.”

Enjoy this fourth issue of OccuPoetry. As always, OccuPoetry is free. Download your own PDF copy of OccuPoetry Issue 4, or if you would like to view it online, click the image below to expand it.

Poets in Issue 4 include

Maxine Chernoff
Monique Gagnon German
Ira Lightman
Matt Pasca
Tamer Mostafa
Jacob Russell
Fabio Sassi
Maja Trochimczyk
Amy Antongiovanni
Monique Avakian
Amy Narneeloop
April Sojourner Truth Walker
William O’Daly
Andres Castro
David Blanding
Charlie Weeks
John Garmon
Bill Kahn
Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis
David Kerr
Gray Tolhurst
Diane Raptosh
Jalina Mhyana
Francisco X. Alarcón
Howard J. Kogan
Isabelle Shepherd
James C. Henderson
Jeffrey Kingman
John Beaton
Laura Post
Richard Downing
Martin Fugitive
Laura Lee Washburn
Louie Clay