Animous Uni State

Animous   Uni State      – erased from the Declaration of Independence
by Katherine Factor 


When       the        human      be comes          one     bands  connect   them      the powers of the earth          equal station to     laws of nature      nature’s God          entitle them    respect            kind  they impel   truths to be        self            created endowed  Creator          with certain       alien    life     happiness.


Deriving their just powers from ends, is the right    institute               new foundation      to effect    safety     indeed       changed experience    disposed to right   selves   by abolishing forms                     A long train  pursuing invariably         the same   design Absolute.


It is their right, it is their duty, to guard their future patient  colonies;  and such is now          the necessity         to alter form system      The history  present        is a history of             direct                states.  To prove this,     candid     assent to  wholesome  good.


Forbidden                      operation    assent   obtained; and          so utterly   attend    accommodation   districts           relinquish representation         formidable  called together  bodies            places unusual            distant         depository of  records, measure  dissolved          houses          opposing  firmness



Exercise     time exposed       to invasion from without                  convulsions within      endeavored          population; migration hither          raising the conditions          Will alone     erected a multitude of new   swarms             their substance   peace    –      independent        power      combined with  others      large bodies of  us:


protecting              inhabitants of these states:  all parts of the world:  imposing        us       consent:  cases of benefits   transporting us beyond seas  to: free           province,       establishing   therein –  enlarging its boundaries                   so as to render        fit instrument        absolute    colonies:    altering fundamentally the forms declaring       selves  power to legislate   protection   –  our seas,            our coasts,       towns, and   lives .   Time     transporting large               complete works  parallel    ages,   total   head


Fellow citizens take          captive the high!           Country,      become friends and brethren,                hands  endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers,            Indians   of all ages, sex  conditions     Every stage                           humble         petitions        answered only by prince character        marked     act                             of a free  people.


We been wanting     time to extend         over us.


We have reminded them of the circumstances of our settlement here. We have appealed to native      we have conjured                    hem ties of our                  kindred vow               inevitably our connections             correspond            to the voice of justice and o           We must   hold them, as we hold      kind  peace friends.


We  representatives of the assembled Supreme      world  Name       united colonies        right ought       free      absolved from all                   Crown           all   connection between them    and        Great    Divine Providence, we mutually pledge      Light



Animous Uni State – Katherine Factor

Katherine Factor is a graduate of the Iowa writers’ Workshop & lives in the eco-poetic desert mountains of Southern California where she teaches poetry to young artists.

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