Dear readers and poets,

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have reached a critical point in our publication schedule. The point is, while we have accepted many more poems (and continue to review submissions), we have published all of the poems for which we have received audio recordings. And without putting too fine a point on it, we’re reluctant to publish poems without the audio. Which brings us to an intersection. A cross roads. A turning point, if you will.

Rather than continue with a weekly publication schedule in a blog-like format, OccuPoetry is now working toward an issue-based publication. We aim to publish three issues in 2012, and we will continue to accept submissions via submishmash. Each issue will be downloadable in e-book formats and will contain the embedded audio recordings. We feel that editing issues, rather than weekly posts, will create a a more sustainable publication and one that is better fitted to the poems themselves. At this point, we plan to release each issue in epub, mobi, and pdf formats.

We are thankful for the contributions we have received so far, and please keep the wonderful submissions coming. Look for our first issue in April.


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  1. This is quite disappointing but i am happy that you’re just retooling not saying goodbye. in that light i imagine i should do what i came here today, submit some work. very best of luck and i look forward to april.