The Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand Chant
Ivars Balkits

The Invisible Hand is hitchhiking out of the country.
The Invisible Hand is burying its coins in the sand of offshore Cays.
The Invisible Hand is waving to us from above the heads of its slaves.

The Invisible Hand: I can see right through it.

The Invisible Hand has left oily fingerprints at war crime scenes
in… (dot-dot-dot)
The Invisible Hand is armed and dangerous. Known for concealed-carry.
Back away from the Hand!
The Invisible Hand needs to be handcuffed and led away

The Invisible Hand, where is it hiding? In your face.
What does it want? Its morality is of numbers, worship of entities
that lack sentience, that have been awarded citizenship, that can buy
government, icons, and ideas.

Humble the Hand. Make it show what’s in its Pockets.

Is the Invisible Hand not there?

Here it is.

Invisible Hand Chant

The Invisible Hand has goosed us in the wallet.
The Invisible Hand has performed a sleight-of-hand with our laws and economy.
The Invisible Hand pinches our pennies while floating the currency.

The Invisible Hand closes the hospital door and opens the prison door.
Wall St.: Take responsibility for the suffering you have caused the
world and the planet. Bail out the working poor. Empathy now!
Corporations are no more people than furniture in my house.

The Invisible Hand has no face, no heart, and no morality.

The Invisible Hand is a superstition. The Invisible Hand is an
hallucination. The Invisible Hand weaves fantastic charades.

The Invisible Hand  – Ivars Balkits

Ivars Balkits has most recently had poems and prose published on the web sites for ditch, Silenced Press, Merge Poetry Journal, and Counter Example Poetics. He was recipient of a 1999 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council. Ivars invites all Occupiers to add to the chant and use it at demonstration mic checks. Christopher Ridgway produced the audio recording.

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