Outrage leads us to break our silence

Outrage leads us to break our silence
by Marietta Calvanico

Outrage was an early trademark
of my generation,
It punctuated the pace
of our forward progress,
Maybe when we hit that disco wall,
those fat bass beats
dulled the edges of our discontent.

We disappeared behind the smokescreen
of our ambitions,
forgetting the well-meaning promises
we loudly made
to the underdogs,
to the children we didn’t have yet,
to the planet.

Now we seem to have stepped
through a strange looking-glass,
where black is white
and a co-opted God is adding footnotes
to the Constitution,
The ridiculous and the dangerous smile fearlessly,
goading us to break our silence.

Outrage – Marietta Calvanico

Marietta Calvanico lives in Staten Island, NY. After spending a bit more than two decades in advertising/marketing, she now works with her architect husband and has been able to devote more time to writing and music. Her poetry has appeared in the Bare Root Review, damselfly press, Poem2day, Word Salad Poetry Magazine, fourpaperletters and others.

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