I Knew This Guy

I Knew this Guy
by Kenneth Pobo

who for many years had
a lot of money
a nice home
a nice family
that he complained about but
paid every bill until

he lost his job
just like that
no warning

his stocks blew up
debts mounted

the house moved away
from him
courtesy of the bank

he often said he hated
kooks and creeps
who rabble-roused and
hoped the cops
would round them all up
and imprison them

He changed


he faces

pepper spray and weapons.

I Knew this Guy – Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo won the 2011 Qarrtsiluni poetry chapbook contest for Ice And Gaywings. They published it in November 2011. Also published in 2011 was Tiny Torn Maps, a collection of microfiction, from Deadly Chaps. He teaches creative writing and English at Widener University.

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