At The Ballard Food Bank

At The Ballard Food Bank
Patty Kinney

If you are lucky enough
There are fresh cut flowers
Only 109 numbers separate me
From the belly of the bank – grocery heaven.

Female client, hair – hue, texture and touch of a Brillo pad
Bent over green Narcotics Anonymous workbook
Has the shakes, mouth gacking, a rubber band snapping.

Last week, ladies in the “Hygiene Closet” gifted me
#680 Lancôme’ black widow lush mascara.
I’ve sported spider-like lashes since
and hope.

I am the only one in the room not wearing a coat.
B.O.C. black petal sandals, diagonal kiwi Baggallini
The hash mark across my chest
editing me from this story.

At the Ballard Food Bank – Patty Kinney

In May of 2012, while training to be a volunteer advocate for the homeless in her hometown of Olympia, Washington, poet Patty Kinney became homeless. She and the youngest of her six sons, spent 55 days navigating shelters , couches and cots. Kinney holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. The poet is working on a chapbook and enjoys being referred to as an “immersion poet” while navigating bastard power bills, mental illness, food banks and the writing life. 

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